Are women's hands colder?

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Thermography on hands of women are they demonstrating that female have colder hands?


We know it, physiologically men and women are slighly differents but sometimes more apparences as reality.

Then as women are more quickly cold and have colder hands, a superstition or a fact?

Could thermography demonstrate this?

Hands in infrared thermal images

Here are some examples, statistically not sufficient to demonstrate but, globally, in most of situation, women have colder hands:

Infrared thermal imagery of hands of women and man

Or those two one, same room, same moment:

Women with cold hands in infrared thermography Thermographic images of man's hand

At the left, a woman, at the right, a man.

Let's go back to the first example with values now:

Comparison of man and women hands temperature with infrared thermography

We see that globally, thumb is the hottest finger but all women seems have a temperature at the edge of the figer around 21°C but 23-24°C for the man (here into a room 20-22°C).

Anyway, University John Hopkins in Utah performed a short research on this and demonstrate that despite women have an internal temperature higher as 0.2°C regarding men, this is the opposite regarding hands where tempratures are lower as 1.55°C in average. They say this Utah, we observe the same with random example in Europe.

Hormone levels and muscle mass may play a role but also the body geometry and a slightly more complex and extensive blood system for women. [1] [2] [3]

Just a remark,the National geographic report the study but in the video demonstrate a terrible methodolodgy mistake, comparison must be done with similare condition and if some excitment is performed, must the same (seeing man scrubbing his hands is horrific).

Two display of errors:

Error in medical thermography People with bad gesture before medical thermography, irrelevant result, error

We seen here the man scrubbing hands and breathing in it, after such pollution, thermography is just polluted for 15-30 minutes minimally. The girl at the right has been shooted without prepration and after having a bad position, bad position, bad thermography.

Psychologists of perception and anthropologists argue differently and speak of a natural adaptation to encourage mating by ensuring that the female who is easily cold approach more readily against the male who is naturally warmer and thus drawing heat. What would make the softness of the skin of a woman combines with the warmth of the human male. E.T. Hall also indicates that people with warm or even animals tend to move away from each other while when they are cold, they are tightening on each other. So it would be useless that men and women have the same state and it is the contrary that shade that promotes rapprochement.[4]

And for a younger girl?

Young girl hand thermography

Trend is colder too.

Is this absolute?

I do not think anything can be absolute in the human body, this is also an example that could almost qualified as hyperthermia:

thermographic imagery of girl's hands

This really is a reverse example of what we have seen so far and that is not more as normal as Raynaud's syndrome .

Infrared image of the hand of a woman

To the opposite, we have here an extremely stable hand but on the palm side this time, anyway, edge are not very cold.

A remark too is that when a woman has hands similar to the one of a man, this is essentially during hot period, to be completely sure, a comparison with the same subject winter/sping/summer is necessary.

What is the limit?

Normally, limit is room temperature but below a level, any cold become then a danger of necrosis or chilblain.

Extremely cold hands of women in infrared thermography

The upper example is fortunately extreme only on the edge of some fingers but it seems evident that this woman must be extremely care during all cold period.


Overall this also explains why women are more likely to Raynaud's syndrome also, a physiological predisposition case somehow.

However statistical samples and related to the seasons would be important even if a university study confirms the trend may be more statistical than physiological.

To be continued ....

Français: Mains de femmes plus froides que celles des hommes en thermographie?‎

Nederlands: handen van vrouwen kouder?


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