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Knee in infrared thermography

Knee is joint joining the thigh with the leg and consists of two articulations: one between the femur and tibia, and one between the femur and patella. It is the largest joint in the human body. The knee is a mobile trocho-ginglymus, which permits flexion and extension as well as slight internal and external rotation.

It is often grouped into tibiofemoral and patellofemoral components. (The fibular collateral ligament is often considered with tibiofemoral components)

Thermography is here used for monitoring, diagnostic or simply follow up of situation.

Follow up of medical treatment thanks to thermography

A medical recovery is monitored with infrared thermography.

Inflamate knee seen in thermal infrared image

A knee has been here injured, inflammate display thanks to thermal images.

Thermography of a woman's knee

Woman with pain in knee, diagnose approach with thermographic camera TESTO 890.


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